Why Most Women Lose Interest in Having Sex?!

sex_relationshipAccording to Dr. Oz many women are not having great sex and he turns to a professional sexual health advocate named Esther Perel (author of Mating in Captivity Book) in order to get some answers. This particular episode shows Esther Perel discussing sexual intimacy issues with fifteen different women in order to gage what is going on with women and their sexuality. These women are from different cultures and social economic backgrounds.

The women were complaining to or telling Perel that they were not having sex with their husbands and boyfriends because they were either too tired or too busy. They also cited children as the reason for the decline in their sex lives. Other issues such as lack of sexual desire and boredom were also brought up in the conversation as well. After this scene ends, Dr. Oz interviews Perel in his studio in order to get her analysis on the decline in sex with women.

During the interview Perel indicates that women are seen as individuals that do not desire sex and that men are portrayed as sexual beasts. Perel also points out that people stop desiring sex as much once they reach their 30s and 40s. Apparently, other factors in life become more important than engaging in sexual activity. She then goes on to say that many females feel as if sex is a chore or another demand from them that is needed by their partners.

Other sexual hang ups with women that Perel points deals with women wanting to make a connection with their mate and not being just used to fulfill their sexual lust. Dr. Oz gets Perel to reveal that lack of sexual desire in marriage is a strong indicator that something is wrong with a couple. She cautions people that one of the signs that a couple is splitting apart is the lack of sex and intimacy. Perel encourages people to get interested in each other again in order to keep their relationships strong.

How To Improve Your Sex Life?

Dr. Oz and Perel begin to show women can rekindle their desire through the use of large sized desire chart. The chart is a portrait of a woman with lights on her body which indicate the most pleasurable parts of her body. Dr. Oz and Perel goes on to explain that a man must first start to work on a woman’s brain and romance her before they can expect her to her to perform sexually. Perel then goes on to promote a highly erotic sex life for women and that quality matters over quantity.

Dr. Oz and his guest then have Perel interact with the studio audience. She gives them questions them about certain issues pertaining to sex. Perel then becomes passionate about how women should not allow men to have their needs met without first meeting their own. She wants women to become more assertive in bed and not to be just givers. She wants them to focus on sharing themselves emotionally and to connect on a deeper on a level. Perel then informs women that their sex would change dramatically if they focus on fulfilling these needs and meeting these demands.

Also on this particular episode, Dr. Oz gives information about how to fight against cancer with the use of yams. Dr. Oz states that people should eat one cup of yams and that they should not be overcooked. He also states that the yams should be cooled before eating and that they should be prepared with other ingredients instead of sugar and butter. Dr. Oz also gives women some helpful information about weekend beauty treatments. For more info., you can watch the full episode online here.

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