How Krill Oil Can Improve Your Health!

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The new Omega 3 (Krill Oil) has shown many benefits for improved health. It has the ability to increase brain performance, helps people with depression, helps those that suffer from pain and inflammation, stops menstrual pain and cramps, decreases the chance for a heart attack or stroke and even improves cardiovascular health. So it is no wonder why Dr. Oz feels that everyone should be taking this supplement. The most popular form is fish oil. However, people often do not use it because of their negative experience with it. He provides people with an alternative to fish oil and this is krill oil.

What is Omega-3?

By definition, Omega-3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is primarily found in the marine or plant oil. Omega-3 fatty acid are believed to be necessary for over all human health. Studies have shown that they play a crucial role in brain function, as well as growth and development. Also, they provide aid in reducing heart disease. Research shows omega-3 fatty acids also reduce inflammation and may lower your risk of cancer and arthritis. However, the body doesn’t produce this type of acid. Subsequently, acids of this type must attained through food consumption. Typically, this resource is found in fish like almond, tuna, halibut, algae and krill. Of all the fish mentioned, Krill fish are believed to be the most effective source of omega-3

Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil

Krill oil is a better choice for those that want to get their daily requirement of omega 3. One of the best benefits is that it does not leave a nasty taste in your mouth. There is no fishy smell or taste. And you do not have to worry about feeling nausea or like you want to throw up from the oil not settling well in your stomach. There is no gag reflex so you can take it without fear.

Direct Source Of Omega 3

When people consume fish oil they are digesting omega 3 third hand. They are not going directly to the source. Cold water fish known for containing large amounts of omega 3 oil actually consume krill. This is how they have it in they systems. Krill are small sea creatures approximately 2 inches in length that live in the ocean. So when you digest fish you are eating the by product of their diet. Eating krill will not only be a better source, but the level and quality of the oil is better.

New Manufacturer of Krill Oil

Dr. Oz mentioned that a new company is now processing krill oil and making it readily available for human consumption. He is recommending the brand as one to use. Schiff is the manufacturer that gets his seal of approval. As a bonus the company offered free products to those currently in the audience as well as the first few customers that called in for a free sample to try it out. They want to get the word out on the advantages of taking krill oil over fish oil.

Side Effects of Omega 3

While omega 3 has many benefits, there are some potential side effects that it can pose to some people when taken. If you do experience any of these you should stop taking the supplement immediately and call your doctor. It improves the quality of health for the majority of people, but there is still a small percentage that show ill effects. Swelling of the face which includes the lips, tongue, or throat is considered to be a negative effect. You will also want to look out for body aches, back pain, chest pains, chills, fever, or other flu like symptoms.

Benefits of krill oil

Many People know that fish oil is viable supplement for omega-3 despite their necessity in fighting high cholesterol, Fish oil is known to leave you with a fishy sometimes awful, aftertaste. Many people who have used fish oil, complain of a constant urge to gag or puke. Although fish oil is a quality source for omega-3, they are not the primary source. As stated by Dr. Oz, fish actually acquire omega-3 through their consumption of krill oils. Red krill oil is much thinner than fish oil consequently, krill oil is easier to consume. The easy consumption allows the krill oil to efficiently navigate through the body at a much more rapid pace.

Krill oil has many benefits above and beyond fish oil. It provides you with a higher strength of omega 3 which has shown to boost health as well as better digestion. There is no belching up the flavor that does not settle in your stomach. And it also is great for those that cannot stand the fishy smell or taste. It comes in a pill form that dissolves immediately in your stomach for maximum benefit.

Dr. Oz recommends that you take 1-3 grams of Schiff MegaRed krill oil for maximum results in lowering cholesterol and risk for heart disease.

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