“Dr. Oz’s Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan” Reviews

total 10 rapid weight loss planDr. Oz explains and shares the results of his biggest weight loss plan (The Total 10 Rapid Weight loss Plan) that has been in the development phase for more than a year and has been tested by over 2 millions of people. Special tools have been created for helping people obtain the best results. There is no need for visiting any club or pay any fees, as the plan offers all the information that people need for losing weight rapidly. The plan is meant to change the way we eat and the way we deal with weight loss. For one year, real women have tested the plan and they have provided real feedback.

The tools created in this plan are meant to provide the best result ever obtained. During the tests, some women have lost even more than thirty pounds. The plan is based on proteins as fuel and can help people avoid sugar and carb cravings, while they also burn excess fat and improve their metabolism. It contains everything that is needed for rapid weight loss, such as recipes for every type of meal and types of daily meals that you can eat.

Dr. Oz interviews two of the women who have managed to lose weight using his plan. One of them (a white blonde) has lost 9.4 pounds, which just enough so that she can wear the dress that she wanted to wear as a maid of honor at her sister’s wedding. The other one, who is a black woman, has lost fourteen pounds, from which two pounds were lost in the first day. From what these two women say, along with a third one who lost nine pounds, this plan can be great for people who are always busy and don’t have too much time.

How The 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan Works

Smoothies: The Importance of a Liquid Breakfast

Dr. Oz has took all the best ideas from all of his shows and one of his favorites is this one: hot water with lemon. People can start with this combination, then the best approach is a liquid breakfast, rich in proteins. The purpose is reducing the hunger hormone. This breakfast is actually a smoothie with berry as a base. A woman invited in the show by the name of Dina has lost seven pounds with the program. She shows how she makes her smoothie, which is really simple. You will have to add the following ingredients to your blender:

  • one cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • two tablespoons of protein powder
  • a half of a banana
  • a half cup of berries
  • a half cup of ice

Once you get this smoothie for breakfast, you will feel full until the afternoon. There are ten grams of proteins in this shake. In all the meals from the plan, Dr. Oz provides enough proteins to suppress appetite, build lean muscle and burn calories. You will get ten ounces of proteins daily. You can use poultry, fish, eggs or anything that you find. Dr. Oz insists on the idea that you never have to be hungry and his program is developed specifically to avoid cravings and hunger.

How the Total 10 Broth Can Curb Your Appetite

You can have the total 10 detox broths that will curb your appetite and a soup that will make you forget about hunger. Another woman is invited in the show, who is a busy mom and has lost thirteen and a half pounds. She says you can use the broth at three o’clock when you normally need a snack at work. Spices can be added for making the broth to taste a bit different. All you need is:

  • 3 quarts of water (that has to be boiling)
  • a cup of winter squash
  • one onion
  • one cup of greens
  • and one cup of root vegetables

You can also add two celery stacks, a half cup of cabbage, four slices of ginger, two gloves of garlic and sea salt according to your taste. Everything has to be boiled for forty-five minutes.

The 6 Foods to Avoid During the Total 10 Plan

There are foods that have to be completely eliminated from the menu for two weeks, during the total 10 rapid weight loss plan:

  • wheat
  • artificial sweeteners
  • refined sugar
  • dairy
  • processed foods
  • alcohol

In this way, you will notice a rapid weight loss and a raise in your energy levels. Another guest of the show is a woman who has lost twelve pounds by eliminating these six ingredients from her daily menu.

How to Stay Full with Veggies, Proteins and Quinoa

Kim, a woman from Minnesota has lost eighteen point six pounds. In order to supply the twelve daily ounces of protein, you need to eat poultry, fish, or eggs and you have to add and unlimited number of non-starchy vegetables. There are forty varieties that you can choose from. A third ingredient that you should not forget is quinoa. You can use one cup of quinoa every day. One cup of uncooked quinoa makes four cups of cooked ingredient. Kim used broth to season her vegetables.

How to Make the Perfect Snack

When it comes to snacks, nuts and nut butter are the key options. According to research, these two options used in moderation can help you lose weight. They send the body a signal that is alright to lose some of the weight and they are natural. You can add almond butter to the plan, with a quantity of up to two tablespoons per day. In this way, you can provide omega 3 and proteins to your body. It has to be almond butter, not peanut butter, because people can hardly control themselves when it comes to consuming peanut butter. (1 Serving of nuts is 1 oz or about 22 nuts. Make sure to buy raw and unsalted)

You can also add one apple, because in conjunction with almond butter, it can be a real game changer. The combination is sweet and satisfying. Another addition is one cup of 2% of plain Greek yogurt per day. This is the only dairy that you are allowed to use in the plan. Dr. Oz recommends this yogurt because it has probiotics. Add liquid stevia if you don’t like the taste of this yogurt. Other yogurts and other Greek yogurt varieties have artificial sweeteners and they trick your taste buds.

Joy is another woman who is invited in the show of Dr. Oz. She is a police officer working long hours and she has lost 10.2 pounds with the plan. The snacks help her get through the day. She keeps a bag of mixed nuts in the car, so she benefits from it whenever she feels the need to. Because she feels that plain Greek yogurt is a little bitter, she found an alternative in the form of a homemade sauce with cucumber, garlic, lemon and other ingredients. She also cuts the apple in four and has one quarter after every meal to feel fuller.

Choosing the Total 10 Broth Instead of Coffee

Dr. Oz said “Every time you crave a cup of coffee, reach for the total of detox broth instead.”

Normally, coffee would not be recommended in the plan, but Dr. Oz knows how coffee withdrawal symptoms can affect people. He allows one cup of coffee a day, but sweetened with vanilla almond milk or coconut milk. In the two weeks, you will get used to the taste and it will seem very sweet in the end. Melissa is invited in the show, saying she is a self-proclaimed coffee addict and she has lost six pounds with the program. She has been a nurse for 15 years.

When Melissa started working as a nurse, she used to have 2 cups of coffee in the morning and 2 cups in the evening. Things got worse over time, when she had two children. She decided to eliminate coffee when she started the plan, replacing it with the total 10 broth. Melissa had coffee withdrawal symptoms, like headaches, but she didn’t lose her energy due to the way the plan made her feel. She is now having coffee with almond milk and feels great about it. Download the Total 10 Rapid Weight loss Plan here

FAQs: Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan

Before you decide to be on a diet, you should first find out if this plan is right for you. Here are the most commonly asked questions about the total 10 rapid weight loss plan:

Should I do anything before starting this diet plan?

For most people, the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan is safe. However for people who require certain nutrition, medications or those who have a specific medical conditions. It may not be for you, so before you do anything that can drastically change your diet, it’s always recommended to consult with a doctor to make sure it is safe for you.

My physician has provided me with a diet. Can I replace it with this one?

There are many reasons why certain diets are prescribed the way they are, disease control is one of them. If your doctor already has you on a diet, you should stick to it as closely as possible and avoid altering your diets.

If I’m on medications, Will this diet affect how they work?

Some diabetes medications and blood thinners are affected by the foods you eat. So before you start the diet, ask your doctor if radically changing your diet may affect how your medications work.

Can I do this diet if I’m Pregnant?

Generally, Diets are not recommended during pregnancy. It is very normal to gain extra weight while you are pregnant. Attempting to lose weight during pregnancy may harm your fetus and may cause complications during pregnancy.

Can I try this diet, if I have a medical condition?

Radical changes in diet can affect those with certain medical conditions, you may be at risk if your medical conditions affect the GI tract: esophagus, mouth, intestines, stomach or if you have diabetes. It’s highly recommended to ask your doctor before starting this diet specially if you are already on a prescribed diet for your condition.

What should I do if I have started this diet, and felt sick after few days?

If as a result of this diet, you started to notice changes in your health, you should not continue with it, instead you should refer back to your prescribed diet (if you have one) and seek advice from your doctor. If you noticed severe symptoms, call 911.

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