Homeopathic Remedies 101 – Build Your Starter Kit

Homeopathic remedies 101Homeopathic remedies have been used for over 200 years, and are growing in popularity due to their gentle, healing nature. Already readily available in Europe and Canada, these remedies are now becoming more popular in the United States, and are starting to be seen in pharmacies and health food stores around America. Dr. Oz shared that his family has been using homeopathic medicine for three generations. Homeopathic remedies are safe, cheap, and do not require a prescription. The principles around homeopathic medicine vary from those of Western medicine.

Like Cures Like 

Treating an illness with a remedy that matches the symptoms should actually alleviate the problem. For example, you would be able to remedy insomnia by taking a coffee-based remedy.

Treat the Whole Person

Treating part of a person (for instance, just the neck for neck pain) doesn’t genuinely heal the body, it just manages the symptoms.

Treat the Cause

When focusing on healing an ailment, the focus is on treating the cause of the symptoms, not the symptoms themselves.

There are remedies for all types of illnesses, from the common cold to an acute injury, to even post-surgical care. All homeopathic remedies are made from plants, minerals or animals (including venom). Some of the most effective remedies come from harmful substances, but they have been diluted so highly that they leave only nano-particles of the original element.

The Starter Kit

To make your starter kit, use an empty baby wipes box and fill with the remedies for the following:

Remedy: Belladonna
Dosage: 200c, every 2-4 hours, 3 doses
Info:Belladonna is a beautiful plant that, if ingested, can make a person very ill. Best cures sudden fevers, where patient has red cheeks and glassy eyes.
Ailment:Chest Cough
Remedy: Phosphorous
Dosage: 200c, every 4-6 hours, take for a few days if necessary
Info:A person who best benefits from phosphorous usually craves cold drinks or foods, and the cough is actually helped by the cold.
Remedy: Gelsemium
Dosage: 200c, every 4 hours, may take for a few days
Info:Gelsemium is a beautiful plant that is normally toxic. The type of flu that is best helped by this remedy causes the person to feel very weak, very chilled, be dull and out of it, and not be thirsty (even though they have a high fever).
Ailment:Sinus Infection
Remedy: Pulsatilla
Dosage: 200c, every 4 hours
Info:Pulsatilla is a beautiful flower that is especially helpful with upper respiratory infections. People needing this remedy will be sad, needy, wanting affection or consolation, not feeling thirsty, be overly warm, and have lots of yellow mucus. Kids with ear infections can also greatly benefit from this remedy.
Ailment:Digestive Issues
Remedy: Nux vomica
Dosage: 200c to start, repeated in 12 hours if necessary
Info:A poison nut that is effective on many digestive symptoms like nausea, indigestion, bloating, and heartburn from alcohol or rich/fatty foods. Those who require this remedy are chilly, impatient, irritable, and get angry easily.

Other remedies that you can add to your kit are:

Guna-Sleep: A botanically based sleeping aid that can be used to replace harsher over-the-counter medications.

Arnica: This remedy helps with bruising and muscle trauma. There are no side effects, it is effective and available over-the-counter, and speeds recovery. It is also very inexpensive.

Rescue Remedy: Made from five different flowers with different properties, this is a stress relief/anti-anxiety cure. Even though this remedy comes in many different forms, the formula itself has remained unchanged for 100 years. Take on a needed basis.

Taking Homeopathic Remedies

Western medicine measures dosages in milligrams (mg), but homeopathic medicine works on dilution ratios, so dosage is based on the potency of the remedy. The average dosage used is 200c. When taking a remedy it is best to not consume food or drinks for a few minutes. Pellets should be placed under your tongue and allowed to dissolve. Do not touch the pellets with your fingers, and refrain from talking while the pellets are dissolving.


Pain management can now be done through homeopathic injections, or Biopuncture. The remedies are injected into the problem area over 3-6 sessions and stimulate the bodies ability to self-heal.

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