Should You Take Melatonin For Sleep?

Melatonin-sleep-insomniaMillions of people in the United States take Melatonin (and it has been taken for years) as a supplement to help them with their sleep even so, doctors advise that we’re actually sabotaging our sleep by overusing it. Dr. Oz has met with Dr. Michael Breus (Sleep expert) to reveal the secrets of Melatonin supplements and how they are sabotaging our sleep.

Is Melatonin supplement safe for your sleep?

Melatonin is sold as a safe natural non-addictive supplement for  sleep. Millions of people are taking Melatonin to get a perfect night sleep, but as Dr. Oz said; if you think you are doing the right thing by taking this natural over the counter supplement, you should pay attention because Melatonin could be dangerous for your sleep.

Melatonin is a powerful hormone (not vitamin), it tells your brain that it’s’s time to sleep. You may take Melatonin and get a perfect night’s sleep but taking it incorrectly can lead to a serious impact on your shut eye.

Why Melatonin is not Recommended for Insomnia?

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Dr. Michael Breus concerns about Melatonin supplement

Dr. Michael Breus was concerned about Melatonin for multiple reasons, the biggest reasons was that Melatonin is Not a sleeping pill.

Dr. Breus:”Many people are taking Melatonin with the wrong dosage and for the wrong reasons. Melatonin is Not the type of supplement you should be taking if you can’t fall a sleep, or you are stressed out, or you had alot of things in your week and you can’t turn off your brain, that isn’t what Melatonin does.”

So, if Melatonin is not a sleeping pill then what is it for!.

What is Melatonin made for?

Melatonin is simply a sleep Regulator (not a sleeping pill), what Melatonin does is fixing your body out and make you think it’s night time, that’s what Melatonin does.

When should you take Melatonin?

  1. It is good for people who know they’ll be up late for several nights consecutively and know they’ll have problems returning to their usual sleep schedule. It can also works properly for jetlag.
  2. For people over 60 years old and are having difficulties in sleeping as the body produces much less melatonin as you get older, so that it requires more help with melatonin to make you sleep far better.

How Can overusing Melatonin Hurt or Affect You?

Dr. Michael Breus explained that when people take a Melatonin pill before going to sleep, it didn’t work because simply it isn’t supposed to work that way so what people do is taking a second pill, Now that make them pass the over-dosage format, they will finally fall a sleep and wake up at the middle of the night. They take another Melatonin pill and that where all the side effects start piling on.

If you take the wrong dosage of melatonin, you might destroy your sleep cycle. Far too much melatonin at once might also cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, or irritation so you need to be careful with using this supplement.

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