Are There Any Harmful Chemicals In Microwave Popcorn!

dangerous-chemicals-in-Microwave PopcornDr. Oz reveals the new hidden dangers in microwave popcorn. “There are some health risks associated with microwave popcorn” he said. Dr. Oz stated that each American consumes 68 quarts of popcorn a year. He also said that processed popcorn manufacturers makes about a billion dollars a year from this product. Popcorn in its natural form is a good food to eat, it’s a whole grain food, high in fiber, antioxidants and has low calorie but the processed variety has number of chemicals and substances that should never be put into a person’s system.

Is Microwave Popcorn Dangerous To Your Health?

Pediatrician Dr. Allen Green was a guest on this particular episode of Dr. Oz and he said that there are some chemicals in some bags of microwave popcorn that could lead to cancer could lead to cancer, kidney and thyroid diseases. Dr. Oz then uses Dr. Green’s assistance to help his viewers understand why processed popcorn is bad for their health.

Dangers In Microwave Popcorn:

Toxic Bag Liners

First, Dr. Oz and Dr. Green open up a standard microwave popcorn bag in order for people to view the lining. Dr. Green states the lining of most popcorn bags have a shiny metallic like piece that is used to keep popcorn damaging a microwave and to pop as many kernels as possible. This shiny metallic like piece is sprayed with PFOA for this purpose.

PFOA was described by Dr. Green as a chemical that does not belong in the human body. He goes on to say that the human body does not know how to remove this substance from its system. Since the body cannot get rid of PFOA, the unhealthy substance just circulates throughout the body. Every time a person eats more processed popcorn they increase their levels of PFOA. At least 20% of all PFOA is directly linked to the consumption of microwave popcorn says Dr. Green.

Dr. Oz then shows an animation about what happens when a person microwaves a bag of popcorn. He claims that the bad chemicals that are contained in the sack is absorbed into the popcorn. He goes on to describe how the consumed popcorn gets into a person’s bladder and could cause cancer to form and blood from the bladder to appear in a person’s urine. PFOA is also supposed to make cholesterol levels rise within the body as well.

Chemical Flavorings

Diacetyl is an artificial substance that has a taste that resemble butter. Dr. Green pointed out that this substance is linked to lung disease for some people. Dr. Oz then showed another animated video that shows how this substance affects a person’s lungs. Trans fats is also included in bags of popcorn for the purpose of preserving the product and Dr. Green condemns this substance too. When buying microwave popcorn bags, Dr. Green recommends that you look for the label, it should say “no added Diacetyl butter flavorings”.

Dr. Green then recommends that people eat processed popcorn as an occasional treat. He also advises people who eat a lot of popcorn to make their own variety from regular kernels. Look for for Non-GMO project verified kernels.

A Better Way To Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn

Dr. Green said that you can easily prepare your own microwave popcorn bags, it will taste better and will cost you less.

How To Safely Eat Popcorn (Paper Bag popcorn Method)

  • Add organic popcorn kernels to brown paper bag
  • Fold top pf bag down & microwave until popped

Directions: place a 1/4 cup of popcorn seeds into a small paper bag. The bag is folded over a few times and then popped for about 2 minutes. Once the kernels finish popping, you can add salt and butter for taste.

Before the segment is over, Dr. Oz tells his audience that the FDA approves of the substances that are found in popcorn.

According to the grocery manufacturers association:

“Diacetyl has been approved by the (FDA) for the use in food products since 1983″
“(PFOA) can be found in trace amounts in liners of microwavable popcorn bags … determined to be safe by FDA.”

Dr. Oz explains that while the substances might be approved that does not mean that they should be consumed. He urges everyone to use Dr. Green’s paper bag method for popping corn.

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