How To Control Your Blood Sugar to Have a Better Sleep?

Have-a-Better-SleepSleep depravity is the worst thing to take with you to bed at night. Many Americans suffer from this condition. Sleep is a basic need, and supposedly a free commodity, that has become so evasive to many of us. How frustrating is that? But, Dr. Oz gives us answers.

How Blood Sugar Level Affects Your Sleep?

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Kirk Parsley, a Health Organization Physician, to explain to us that off-balance blood sugar levels in the body can cause restless sleep. He also reveals a food plan to control blood sugar, hence contributing to good sleep.

Dr. Parsley says that nutrition and sleep means two things: first, blood glucose and second, inflammation. Eating foods that cause inflammation in our stomach causes hormonal shift which causes blood sugar levels to go up and down. So, if you have difficulty keeping your blood sugar nice and level throughout the day and night, then chances are you will have a hard time sleeping.

Dr. Oz further explains that, “blood sugar causes you ups and downs, and swings. It makes you restless in your sleep.” However, once blood sugar stabilizes and flattens out, then you can have that restful sleep that you so desire.

Unstable Blood Level Symptoms

There are important indications to consider in order to be sure that what you have is simply sleep problem and not something else. These are symptoms telling you that it’s just your unstable blood level and not some serious disorder or disease.

  • You carry weight around your middle. You are exercising and eating well but you have a bit of weight in the mid-section.
  • You have strong sugar cravings during the day.
  • You have a history of yo-yo dieting. You’ve tried every kind of diet, you eat well and then the carbo-cravings come.

Dr. Parsley explains that all these three are associated with blood-sugar control. He found that people who maintain good diet and get rid of blood sugar yo-yo, get a better sleep. Now, here’s his ‘Eat to Sleep Plan’.

  • First feature of this diet is minimizing your whites. Instead, put rich greens in every meal.
  • Choose low-glycemic foods that won’t cause yo-yo effect on your blood sugar. These help you get steady blood sugar.
  • Pick lots of slow carbohydrates and balance it out with some protein, and good fats like egg yolks, olive oil in salad dressing and fish.

How a Tennis Ball Can Help You Sleep?

In addition to a diet plan, Dr. Janet Kennedy demonstrates two easy exercises or routines that will dramatically improve sleep.

1) This secret weapon to getting sleep is very cheap and does not involve pills. All you need is a wall, and a tennis ball to roll out the tension that accumulates in your body and shoulders, upper back and muscles. Using a tennis ball to work out your back muscles can do wonders for your sleep.

Just lean back against the wall with the tennis ball on the spot where you feel the tension. Next, bend on your knees and use the pressure to move the ball around your back, or your shoulders for example. If you make a habit of taking that tension out, even just for two minutes at a time throughout the day, your sleep will get better and better.

2) You need a 15-minute wind-down routine before hitting the bed. Use something quick and easy that will take your mind away from worries and racing thoughts. This helps you avoid having a stressful experience of trying to fall asleep. An example is reading a fiction book or possibly listening to soothing music.

Another factor to getting a good sleep is the temperature of your body and your environment. Too much heat prevents you from getting a good sleep. David K. Randall, author of “Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep” explains that what helps you fall asleep is your body temperature falling. There are two hot spots in the bed that cause heat or temperature to increase: bed covers and sleep partner (when somebody is sharing your bed). Covers and mattresses keep and trap a lot of body heat. So, take your hands and feet out from under the covers. It lets your body heat escape and makes you fall asleep faster.

Therefore, to prevent sleep problems, there are three important things to remember: get an anti-inflammatory diet plan, habitually perform calming routines, and reduce your body heat. With all these combined, falling asleep at night need not be stressful anymore.

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