Dr. Oz’s Top 100 Tips To Lose Weight Without Pills!

dr oz weight loss tipsStart melting away unwanted pounds today by implementing the best of Dr. Oz’s tried and true weight-loss tips. These small simple changes to your diet can eliminate the need for supplements and surgery, leading to long term weight loss!

1. Enjoy Healthy Fats

You do not have to eliminate fat from your diet entirely. There are sources of good fats that you should include in your diet such as olives, walnuts, and salmon.

2. Prioritize Sleep

Make sure you get your rest. Sleep deprivation actually alters the hormones in your body that help regulate hunger, thus increasing your appetite.

3. Enjoy Life

Replace food with other things such as music, movies, or sports. Food should not be your sole enjoyment in life.

4. Taste the Rainbow

Add a bright colored veggie or fruit to every meal. If the skin is edible eat it, as that is where the most antioxidants are located.

5. Chew Gum

Chewing sugarless gum has been known to suppress your appetite. Keep some around for when you are in a pinch.

6. Automate Your Meals

You will be less likely to make an unwise or unhealthy decision about food. For this reason it is best to automate the way you eat by planning all meals ahead of time whenever possible.

7. Lean Protein

Add a little lean protein to each of your meals. Protein is more filling than carbs and fat.

8. Don’t Skip Meals

Never skip a meal. Doing so may cause your body to go in to starvation mode. Your body will hold on to its fat reserves making it much harder to burn unwanted calories.

9. Wear a Pedometer

Tracking your steps everyday can help you become more aware of how much or how little you are moving every day. If you take less than 10,000 steps per day, then you need to kick it up a notch.

10. Healthy Snack Boxes

Bring your own office snacks to work which consists of almonds, soy chips or dried fruit. You will be less tempted to stick your hand in your coworker candy bowl.

11. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is full of protein, calcium and natural probiotics so it makes a tasty snack any time. You will want to make sure it is low-fat and unsweetened.

12. Eat Oatmeal

Always remember that oats are your best friend. If you eat a cup in the morning it will keep you satisfied until the afternoon, reducing the chances of you overeating at lunch time.

13. Decaf Coffee

When you are having cravings, drink decaf coffee. It is low in calories and is also an excellent source of antioxidants.

14. Eat Eggs for Breakfast

Because eggs are full of protein, people who eat for them for breakfast are satisfied longer afterwards.

15. Beans

Beans are very affordable and a great source of protein. Substitute meat for beans in some of your meals.

16. Quick and Healthy Lunches

Wrap last night’s healthy dinner in to a whole wheat wrap. With a little pinch of Dijon mustard or curry powder, it will seem like a different meal.

17. Ask for Help

When you dine out, ask your server for the healthiest food items if they are not already identified as such.

18. Strength Training

About 20 minutes of strength training is all you need to gain muscle. This is important because muscle burns calories much faster than fat does.

19. Liquid Based Foods

Smoothies and other liquid based foods such as low-sodium soup or broth can help you to feel full while cutting back on calories.

20. Set a New Goal

Choose a dress, and make it a goal to fit into it by a certain time. This is more motivating than seeking out the perfect number on the scale.

21. Healthy Smoothies

Every smoothie should include frozen berries, skim milk, banana; a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of psyllium see husks.

22. Pre-Workout Snacks

There is nothing better than plain Greek yogurt and frozen berries for a pre-workout snack.

23. Start Meditating

Meditation can actually help you keep you manage chronic stress. This may lead you to crave feel-good carbohydrates.

24. Microwave Smart

If you are in a bind and must microwave your food, try microwaving chicken patties, veggie burgers or steamer veggies with brown rice. This will keep you away from unhealthy processed foods.

25. Cinnamon

Ditch the sugar and try adding a dash of cinnamon to your fruits. Bananas and melons taste great with cinnamon.

26. Nut Butters

Limit cream cheese and butter by choosing peanut butter or almond butter spreads instead.

27. Whole Wheat Pasta

This type of pasta is more filling. You should require less of it to become full than regular pasta.

28. Ditch Your Fat Pants

Donate clothing that no longer fits as you continue to lose weight. Your goal is to lose weight, not put it back on. You have no use for the bigger sizes in your future.

29. Enjoy Applesauce

Try natural applesauce as a dip for other fruits such as bananas or melons.

30. Salsa Instead of Sauce

Avoid rich creamy based sauces. Instead opt for adding flavor to your protein with a salsa or chutney.

31. Watch Your Weight

Weight yourself regularly and chart it in a journal. Those who do so are more likely to lose weight.

32. Boost Flavor and Metabolism

Create a tasty chili pepper sauce and add a little flavor to bland foods such as eggs or chicken.

33. Visualize the Weight

Picking up a 5 or 10 pound weight at the gym will help you realize just how much weight you are losing.

34. Don’t Plateau

Try adding an extra 5 minutes to your workout or adjusting the type of workouts you perform if you find your weight loss has come to a halt.

35. Load Up on Omega-3s

Salmon is the number one choice for Omega-3 fatty acids. These acids along with exercise will cut through the fat quickly.

36. Snack on Nuts

You can go crazy with the nuts! A handful of nuts are all you need to keep hunger at bay. You can even try soaking them in water first, which provides a different texture.

37. Mediterranean Diet

This diet is very heart healthy. It could lead to more weight-loss than traditional low-fat diets.

38. Identify Triggers

Almost everyone has that one emotional trigger that leads them to seek out and devour unhealthy foods in search of comfort. Identify yours so you are better able to resist temptation.

39. Apples as a Pre-Meal Snack

They are full of fiber and you will feel fuller faster and longer.

40. Metabolism Boosters

Green tea or chili peppers are known to boost your metabolism. Try some.

41. Pound for Smaller Portions

When you pound your meat it looks closer in portion size to what you are used to eating. You can trick your mind and eat less.

42. Edamame

Soybeans are a relatively cheap snack. You can find them in the frozen food isle.

43. Silken Tofu

Try replacing the cream in most recipes with silken tofu. You might not even notice the difference.

44. Mustard Instead of Mayo

With fewer calories than mayo, using mustard can save you from ingesting 85 unwanted calories.

45. Try Veggie Dips

Instead of ranch or other creamy dressings, substitute a vegetable bean dip such as hummus.

46. Stop Eating at 7

You sleep worse after a late night meal. Eating before 7 is your best chance of choosing healthier options.

47. Spaghetti Squash

Dash oregano into raw tomato sauce and pour the mixture on top of spaghetti squash for a pasta-less version of tasty spaghetti.

48. Find Reasons to Move

Did you know fidgety people are thinner? Move around as much as possible even in small ways.

49. Snack Healthier

Dress your pita chips up a bit by adding some pureed berries, peaches or pears as a sweet spread.

50. Try Frozen Veggies

You should always have veggies on hand. Make it a point to sauté a bag of frozen vegetables in olive oil and garlic. Adding turmeric or red pepper can add more flavors. Separate your veggies in to portion sized container and store in the fridge.

51. Fresh Herbs

You can grow these in your kitchen for easy access. Herbs add flavor to any meal, reducing dependence on salt.

52. Never Eat Distracted

Take the time to focus on what you are putting in your mouth. If you veg out in front of the television you are more likely to consume more calories.

53. Cut back on Salt

By reducing your fat intake, you will better be able to taste the natural salts in foods. You may begin to crave salt less.

54. Emergency Snack-Packs

Always carry emergency packs of food that include healthy items such as sliced veggies or fruit and some nuts. This may keep you away from the chips.

55. Slow Down

Many people eat too fast. Take time to enjoy your conversation or if you are alone try taking sips of water between each bite. This will help you to realize when you are full and keep you from over eating.

56. Drink Skim Milk

Replace your morning juice with skim milk. You will find that you consume fewer calories at breakfast.

57. Use a Tape Measure

The scale is not everything. If you are not losing weight, try measuring yourself. Losing inches is still considered success.

58. Avoid Sugar

Anything with more than 4 grams of sugar or high-fructose corn syrup per serving should be avoided. Keep this in mind when checking food labels.

59. Boost a Turkey Burger

Create a juicy turkey burger by adding olive oil and finely blended onions to the mixture. It will be less dry and more palatable.

60. Keep a Diet Log

If losing weight seems overwhelming at first, take baby steps. Start by keeping an eating log or buying walking shoes.

61. Try Pita Pockets

If you are tired of the same old salad, try throwing it inside a whole wheat pita for something different. Try a squeezing a little lemon on it for a nice little boost.

62. Fat-Free Isn’t Always Better

Take care not to get suckered into foods labeled “fat-free” or “zero trans fats”. You may be trading the fat for sugar or sodium which is just as bad if not worse than fat.

63. Red Pepper Flakes

Cook more with red pepper flakes. The earlier in the day you eat it, the less food you will want to eat later.

64. Lunchbox Surprises

If you are losing weight with your significant other, try packing each other’s lunches. You will find a nice surprise, which can help with motivation.

65. Appetizer Salads

Instead of a fried appetizer or bread, eat a small salad when dining out. Ask for the dressing on the side.

66. Umami

Mushrooms, asparagus, olives and low-sodium soy help you feel full as well as add an earthy quality to healthy meals.

67. Healthy Sex

Sex is not only great exercise, but it may even help control the amount of food you eat per day. Try swapping out a dinner date with healthy sex.

68. Stairway to Skinny

Use the steps in lieu of the elevator whenever possible. Try using the restroom on a different floor than where you work, and park further from the entrance to stores.

69. Baked Apple Chips

These are a healthy alternative to potato chips.

70. Water Rich Foods

Melons, celery and tomatoes all help fill you up without depleting your calorie count for the day.

71. Canned Salmon

If you are uncomfortable cooking fish, try canned salmon. You will get the same health benefits in a more affordable and simple package.

72. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make time for it as you will have better success with maintaining weight loss.

73. Avocados

Since they are high in fiber and have healthy fats they give you a meaty-tasting alternative. Avocados can be the ultimate weight loss secret.

74. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium. Try a handful as a mid-day snack to help keep blood pressure in check.

75. Cook but Don’t Fry

Frying is among the unhealthiest ways to cook food. Try other ways to cook like roasting, poaching, baking, braising, boiling or steaming.

76. Don’t Eat Everywhere

Limit your eating to the dining room table or the kitchen. Try not to do other tasks in the kitchen or dining room as the more you linger the more tempting it is to eat.

77. Good Posture

This is the key to strengthening your core. You work harder to keep the position therefore you will burn more calories.

78. Skip Soda

People are unaware that they drink a lot of their daily calories. Switching to water will help you drop the weight much faster. You’d be surprised.

79. Resist Restaurant Temptation

It is always a good idea to ask your server to remove bread, chips and salsa, or other tempting foods from the dinner table before ordering your meal. You will be less likely to partake.

80. Nap Away Cravings

You are most likely to have a craving when you are tired. Try taking a nap instead.

81. Walk Before Meals

After a little movement you will probably be in the healthy frame of mind, and choose a healthier meal for lunch or dinner.

82. Buddy System

Tell your friends and family that you are trying to lose weight. They can become a source of motivation, as well as help keep you accountable.

83. Buy Protein in Bulk

Cook a weeks’ worth of lean protein such as chicken breasts on Sunday night. This will save you both time and money.

84. Track Your Success

There is no better way to track your progress than looking back at old photos. Try to take a picture of your success every week.

85. Skip Store Bought Dressings

They are jam packed with calories. Make your own vinaigrette and keep it in a spray bottle so you do not use too much on your veggies.

86. Yoga

Not only relaxing, yoga is also a great workout. Shoot for an hour a day to burn up to 350 calories.

87. Workout on the Weekend

A healthy lifestyle does not exclude the weekends. Plan ahead as to how you can add a workout routine to your weekends.

88. Stop and Assess

Stop eating for about 30 seconds in the middle of your meal. If you are still hungry you can eat a little more. This gives your tummy time to catch up.

89. Shop Smarter

Always bring a list to the grocery store with you and set a time limit. Doing so will likely keep you on the outer isles of the grocery store, away from processed food.

90. Avoid Packaged Snack Foods

You should limit packed snack foods all together, but if you do partake, then ensure you do not eat it out of the original box, carton or bag it came in. Separate it in to smaller fist sized portions, to better control the amount you eat.

91. Quinoa

A great alternative to rice, try this with your sautéed veggies or mushrooms.

92. Soups

Store portion sized bean or garden soups in the refrigerator. Soups are filling and comforting at the same time.

93. Smarter Sandwich

Say no to the mayo, cheese and at the very least, the top of your bun. You will save yourself from eating 250 calories.

94. Resistance Bands

Great for use at home or on the go, resistance bands are both comfortable and affordable.

95. Clear Out Your Kitchen

Throw away or donate all of the junk food that is in your kitchen, and make sure it doesn’t find its way back. You want to avoid temptation at all costs.

96. Frozen Treats

Frozen grapes are a tasty treat. Also you may want to get a Popsicle mold or use an ice tray to freeze Greek yogurt and berries.

97. Stay Hydrated

Thirst and hunger are often confused. The next time you feel hungry, grab a glass of water. If you are still hungry after 30 minutes grab a healthy snack.

98. Store Leftovers Immediately

You will be less tempted to graze on them throughout the day.

99. Eat Seasonally

You will enjoy your fruits and vegetables much more when they are in season. They taste better, and are usually more affordable because they are more plentiful at the time.

100. Small Plates

A healthy meal should fit on a 9-inch plate. This means that most people’s plates are way too big and it is very tempting to fill the entire plate. Try a child’s size plate instead.

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