Can Aspirin Help Prevent Ovarian Cancer?

aspirin-for-cancerWhat is the effect aspirin has on both the spread of cancer in your body and reducing the possibility of contracting certain types of cancer. In particular, research supported the positive effects of preventing lung, colon, and breast cancer. Aspirin can also help in fighting ovarian cancer.

Can an Aspirin a Day Keep Cancer Away?

A recent study shows that women who take aspirin on a daily basis may reduce their risk of having Ovarian cancer. A low dose of aspirin, medically that is an 81 milligram dose, taken once a day is said to reduce the possibility of becoming a victim of ovarian cancer by more than 20%. Overall, taking an aspirin once a day reduces your chance of death as a result of cancer by 37%. Some doctors recommend two low dose tablets a day because some people have a biological resistance to the positive effects of aspirin. Other doctors recommend taking a low dose at every meal, three times a day. What is agreed on is that aspirin taken at least once a day will reduce your chances of getting cancer.

Aspirin Effects

The reason aspirin works so well in fighting cancer is that it helps reduce the amount of inflammation that takes place in your body’s cells, which is a major reason cancer cells begin to form. In the case of ovarian cancer, the major factor is family history, so speaking with a genetic counselor may be the best approach. Other contributing factors are the inability to have children or deciding against having children.

The maximum effects of taking aspirin in the prevention of cancer are seen when a person starts taking it early in life. Particularly with ovarian cancer, while there are some positive results seen from taking aspirin after menopause, the greatest benefit is evidenced when taking aspirin prior to menopause. It should be noted that there are certain types of people who will not be able to take aspirin regularly, such as people who have bleeding tendencies or who have had a stroke. As always, make an appointment to see your health care provider to discuss the specifics of what is best for your set of circumstances.

Aspirin has been called a miracle drug by doctors because of its many uses and the powerful positive effects it has on the body, everything from protecting the heart to relieving a mild headache. The research continues on the effects it has on preventing the growth of cancerous cells in a healthy person as well as its role in reducing the number of deaths in people who already have contracted cancer.

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