4 Remedies For Women’s Everyday Pains

4 Remedies For Women's Everyday Pains

“Feminine Solutions to #WomanProblems”

Dr. Oz shares some remedies to help women with their everyday pains. These home remedies will help you deal with your most irritating #womanproblems. We all know that women are tough and put up with a lot every day. So, to help sort out woman issues, he invited women’s health expert, Dr. Yael Varnado.

They revealed the ultimate pain free guide to remedy the annoying everyday #womanproblems. These are indentified as the most common woman problems:

  • Menstrual cramps
  • Menopause
  • Mental anxiety

Besides these three, there are other common everyday pains that women put up with.

#WomanProblem 1. Painful Shoes

Women love shoes and different kinds of them, too. Manilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” A great pair of shoes for a woman can be life-changing. A member of the audience says, “I really love this pair of shoes, but they really hurt me. I need some help.”

Here are ways you can prevent and reduce pain from pesky shoe blisters:

  • Clear band aids. Carry them around in your pocket book anywhere. They are great to put on before you can start having any rubbing or foot friction, so that you can prevent the areas that are hurting the most in your high heels. Clear band aid is recommended because this helps getting the attention off the band aids on your foot.
  • Put them on your feet before you leave the house, and when your feet are dry. The slippage and friction will be avoided, and so the blisters too.

#WomanProblem 2. Hormonal Headaches

If you feel like, “Hormones you win again”, it’s time to deal with the headache problem head on. One of the viewers was invited to share her frequent headache episodes. She says that, “It’s frustrating because it is completely unpredictable and my children can tell me about it…they know when I have my headaches”.

Dr. Varnado explains that, “Women get their headaches or migraines right before their period, and if your kids know about it, they probably know there is a cycle to it too.” Here is how to effectively knock out a bad headache the natural and healthy way:

Blend until smooth:

  • 1 cup chopped kale. This is great because this has magnesium content.
  • 1 medium banana. This has magnesium as well.
  • Ginger powder. This is the secret ingredient in the headache smoothie. Ginger helps with the swelling of the blood vessel, which you get from the constriction of veins which causes the headache.
  • Almond milk. This gives you a good source of protein.

#WomanProblem 3. Lower Back Pains

In this segment, Dr. Oz and Dr. Varnado use a cantaloupe and a grapefruit as an illustration for the common cause of lower back pain women. The average size for American breast cap is 34 double D. This used to be 36-B back in the days. This cap size is like carrying around all day long a cantaloupe which weighs 3 pounds. Moreover, a grapefruit is like a cap-A or B.

Carrying this, not mention all the other things that women carry with them, it is really pulling you forward, and it is rounding your shoulders. As a result, it is hurting your lower back.

Dr. Varnado then shows everyone a simple yoga exercise that women can do at the end of the day to alleviate lower back pain. All it takes is getting on all fours on the floor and arching the back up and down. It alleviates the pain on your hips and your back. It also improves posture.

#WomanProblem 4. Painful Waxing

Finally, Dr. Varnado explains the best time of the month to get waxed. She also shares a few pain-free waxing techniques.

  • Waxing tip 1– Schedule it NOT around your period. Don’t schedule it the day before or while you’re on your period. This is because hormones make skin more sensitive. So schedule your waxing after period.
  • Waxing tip 2– Hydrate skin with diaper cream. Lather the area and keep the area hydrated that you’re going to have waxed. This prepares the portion of the skin that you want waxed.
  • Waxing tip 3– Skip coffee. Don’t go with a cup of coffee. Caffeine increases sensitivity to pain.
  • Waxing tip 4– Turn and cough. When you’re sitting on the chair and you’re actually going to do it, the best thing to do is first tell your aesthetician that you are nervous and that you need some distraction. For you to be distracted on the waxing table, you will be effectively distracted when you turn and cough.

These are all very easy and simple steps to dealing with annoying everyday #WomanProblems. When you manage the pain properly, it goes a long way to turning your bad day into a good one.

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