Diet Soda Side Effects And Weight Loss Myth!

Dr Oz uncovered a few myths starting from diet soda to Rosacea, he discussed a range of issues that are hurting us due to lack of real information. He used representative models and invited experts to explain the actual reasons behind many of our common misunderstandings. The first among them is that the diet soda helps losing weight.

Does Diet Soda Have Weight loss Effects?

Diet soda is a concocted solution of acid and artificial sweeteners and many other harmful chemicals that promise to have zero calories in it. Many soda drinkers have switched to diet soda believing that it contains less sugar and hence might be useful in losing weight. However, in reality. they are faced with a different situation. Regular intake of diet soda actually adds up to the weight gain.

Dr Oz explained what might be going on in our system. Studies have found that drinking one can of diet soda a day can affect our metabolism and our brain in a way that can make us more fat and increase our risk of heart disease and diabetes. Two or more bottles a day over a 10 year period actually lead to a 500 percent increase in waist size in diet soda drinkers as compared to those who refrain from soda altogether.

Diet Soda Side Effects

As featured on CBS news, Diet Sodas may also increase the risk of a stroke by 48 percent.

Dr. Mike Dow (author of Diet Rehab) was a guest on dr. oz show, he explained that when we get hungry and crave for sugar, intake of sugar allows for calorie increase and then the body shuts off more intake in response to the feeling of satiety. This is tightly controlled by an intimate network of nervous control and metabolic signals. However, if this process is impaired, the body cannot respond as well to the sugar intake and builds up extra calories in our system that gets packaged into fat. There is evidence that carbonation in the diet soda and the artificial sweeteners interfere with this and hence the control fails. The body cannot handle the artificial molecules and the result is impaired metabolism.

The bottom line is that diet soda might be better than regular soda in terms of sugar content, but is equally harmful when it comes to weight loss and metabolic impairment.

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